October 16, 2000

To Pastor Wood, Don and Jim,

A Servants Heart ?


I would like to start with I truly believe that God really is doing something great in our church. I know in my heart that God has great things in store for us and great expectations of us as well to do these things. There is no doubt in my mind that we are about to embark on a new journey. We sometimes talk about when this church was in its height or “glory days” when we were packed out and shuttling people between the church and the bank because our parking was simply insufficient. Its time we return to that state and stop talking about what was but was is and will be. I know this is in each of your heart’s as well.


God has taught me many things over that past year and a half. He has taught me patience and to not worry about things. I simply do not and will not listen to people talk about what great potential I have and oh the jobs I could have or the money I could make. God gave me a servant’s heart many years ago I only began to realize this in the beginning of 1999. I have also had a desire to help others to reach out when no one else does. I gave my time to my school district and began to in this church over 8 years ago. I was only twelve then. What a tender age, an age when many kids set goals and have many dreams about who they want to be in the future. Jeff and myself were intrigued by what went on in the sound booth all the equipment and buttons. Then it was Rick who introduced us to the buttons and knobs, followed by George then Don. Teaching us more and more about the art and helping us to better ourselves and begin to actively use these talents. It seemed only natural to be doing it.


Then computers caught my eyes back in 1994. Since then I have studied numerous books, shadowed people, experimented, learned from others and applied my knowledge. I have been involved in many projects and programs technical and otherwise. Being involved in science club, drama club (techie of course), key club, the police explorers, and the morning video announcements. I was very proud to see my parents and Pastor Don and Laura Jo watch me on the stage at graduation. It brought tears to my eyes to see my mother cry as they announce my achievement of holding the school’s record for the most community service hours even if the Principal mispronounced my name and then corrected himself. Pastor Don cheering and hollering, as he is known so well to do.


I have much to be proud of all of this and my 11 years of ice skating receiving over 22 medals and of course some ribbons too; but for what, a sense of accomplishment and pride of course. A thing we all long for, we set goals and long to fill our dreams and are joyful when we achieve these goals. But, nothing makes me more joyful then when I affect someone’s life. Like when Ann Marie calls me after church to thank me for remembering her and for making things possible for her to hear the services when she can not attend them herself. To see a smile on a child’s face when you pay attention to them by simply winking, waving or saying hello. Such a simple gesture yet it can mean so much. It’s the simplest things that can mean so much to people. We are people who long for happiness, love and compassion. Things we can only hope people will find in the right place. Or is it, the answer in no it is not enough to hope people will find it in the right place. We must do our part to make sure they find it in the right place. As we are so passionately called to by our Lord.


This reminds me of a letter I wrote to Pastor the day after our leaders meeting when we announced to the leadership people of our church the changes before us. The changes in services, our goals, Pastors’ heart and passion for the lost. I wrote: “It hit me that day, we simply must do this, to think of a time when we have to turn someone away or they get misplaced in the shuffle of our activities. How dare we, how dare we prevent someone from hearing God’s glorious truth.” It was in those weeks prior and after that God laid on my heart this is where I belong.


In this past year of 2000 as I began to leave God use me and mold me, as I began to be patience and stop worrying about finances and work. God showed me that he is in full control even when we are not. I was able to provide not only for myself but for and intern a person who has made the decision “Lord here I am use me”. I knew I was sent to this job to make a difference. Which I did through Christ who strengthens me, a truth we say to ourselves for encouragement to strive to the next level. These times now after this task was complete has been difficult. I know in my heart the church is where I belong and yet the church by itself cannot support me alone yet.


I have struggled with this and realized that now over a month later I still had enough money to pay my bills, although running low. I realized I must continue to pray and let God guide me. I have made the decision that if this is where God’s wants me this is where I’ll be. I must trust in the Lord to take care of the rest. Different opportunities are beginning to arise that I am confident will work out Lord willing, which will allow me to continue to working for his church, his people for the upcoming future.


What makes a servants heart then? It is only when we begin to set our life aside and pursue the calling God has given each of us. God has a vision for all of us, some of us simply haven’t realized this yet. When we begin to quite wasting time worrying about our problems and thinking they are too big to tackle we must remember we are not alone. Jesus, already has taken on our burdens we must just let them go and let him carry them. When we begin to put our own concerns aside it is then God will do great things through us. When we let him have total control over our lives and our world he will use us for much greater things then we could ever imagine. Our minds are so complexly designed yet we can not comprehend the total picture. We will never understand everything nor do I believe we are suppose to. God has made sure we have all the information we need through his word the Bible. When we give ourselves freely without hesitation for his work, it is then be begin to take on the servant’s heart. To serve something greater then ourselves.




In his powerful love,






Matthew Duane Moyer